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EFFICIAMAX Is Perfect For Personal Use

No matter what vehicle you own, we provide World-changing products to the consumer that save money and protect the environment simultaneously. Using our Complete Proactive Maintenance Solutions for personal, commercial, and industrial applications improves the economics of all diesel and gasoline power units.

Using a combination of Filtagreen®’s EFFICIAMAX® Fuel Treatment in your fuel tank and the EFFICIAMAX® NANO Metal Surface Modifier in your engine, you will significantly lower emissions from your vehicle.

This will help keep our environment clean and healthy. You will also have significant savings on fuel costs over the next several years and extend your engine life up to 2 or 3 times normal.

With this, you will save money on fuel, seeing from 4½ – 15% Improved MPG.


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EFFICIAMAX 8oz bottle treats more than 600 gallons for you to burn !

EFFICIAMAX Fuel Enhancer
Efficiamax fuel enhancer 4 wheelers

Your equipment needs to be protected. EFFICIAMAX will do just that by extending its life up to 3 times more than normal. You will have a clean emission system which means that your motor will ignite faster, and burn stronger while reducing harmful emissions from 50% up to 60% and reducing soot by 70%.

EFFICIAMAX protects your

high-end investment.    Guaranteed and Proven

EFFICIAMAX Is Changing The Commercial Industry With Massive Results


Plainly stated, the growing cost of maintenance is a serious business problem. The Nano Steel Emission And Oil System Kit has been proven to save $25,000.00 or more per truck in a single year. According to DuPont, “maintenance is the largest single controllable expenditure in a plant: in many companies it often exceeds annual net profit.” One major U.S. automotive manufacturer has a maintenance staff of between 15,000 and 18,000, all plants combined. They say, “85% to 90% is crisis work” (breakdown). While preventive maintenance, when well implemented, has been shown to produce savings in excess of 25 percent. Beyond that, its benefit quickly approaches a point of diminishing return. According to a Forbes Magazine study, one out of every three dollars spent on preventive maintenance is wasted. A major overhaul facility reports “60 percent of hydraulic pumps sent in for rebuild had nothing wrong with them.” These inefficiencies are the result of maintenance performed in accordance with a schedule (guesswork) as opposed to the machine’s true condition and need. EFFICIAMAX NANO STEEL IS YOUR SOLUTION.

Imagine not having to change your oil every month, no more Re-Gen, and a clean emission system that allows you to gain 10% fuel efficiency. You save thousands by not needing to change your oil. Your oil stays pure and your truck runs better. This adds to thousands a year in savings as well as preventive maintenance costs that you will avoid. We are seeing up to $30,000 a year in Semi Trucking savings.



Efficiamax Nano Steel For Trucking America

We have Scientific Tests That Span 20 Years. The Oil Companies Do not Want You To Know.
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